Exquisite Gold Nipple Jewelry From Body Jewelz

7 December 2022

Whether you are looking for a ring to compliment your wedding day outfit, or a pendant to wear with your outfit for a night on the town, there is a gold nipple jewelry design for you. There are many styles available including crystal jeweled gold drop pendants, non-piercing nipple rings, and more.

Whether you want to add some flair to your nipple piercing, or you are simply looking for an erotic piece of body art, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your needs in the Diamond Radiance Non-Piercing Nipple Rings with Crystal Jeweled Gold Drop Pendants from Body Jewelz. Hand cast, these nipple rings feature the finest 18K Gold plating for added sparkle. They’re available in a variety of shapes, and you’ll love the way they add a touch of elegance to your body piercing.

Diamond nipple rings come in many shapes, including circular barbells, bezel set barbells, and shields. They’re available in 10mm or 12mm diameters, and you can choose from barbells or nipple shields.

Diamonds are the most commonly used stone in nipple jewelry. A diamond’s cut affects both fire and brilliance. A multi-faceted cut offers the best light refraction. Diamonds are cut with triangular facets on top, a flat facet on the pavilion of the cut gemstone, and a girdle, which gives the diamond its basic shape.

Other gemstones used in gold nipple jewelry include garnet, peridot, sapphire, amethyst, and chrysolite. Chrysolite is a mineral that ranges in color from light pea green to deep olive green. It is also found in meteorites and is known for its special healing properties.

Another gemstone, garnet, exhibits the alexandrite effect. When exposed to fluorescent light, it appears blue-green. Some stones also flouresce, or change color when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Other types of jewelry are made with botanical gems. These gemstones are usually found in druze, a layer of crystals that forms in the mineral crust. They can also be found in resins, amber, and coconut pearl.

Zircon Gold Ball Closure Ring with Coloured Titanium Ball

Using gold to enhance titanium’s natural qualities ain’t a bad thing in the grand scheme of things. The Zircon Gold Ball Closure Ring with Coloured Titanium Ball from Body Jewelz is a sexy looking piece of bling. You can’t help but notice it’s not your typical gold plated metal. It is also lightweight at only 16 grams, reducing the amount of stress a piercing will have to endure. The most important kink is that it’s not prone to breakage. The titanium is resistant to heat and cold, making it a perfect choice for your piercing. It’s also worth noting that the ball closure ring is available in various sizes and colours, ensuring your choice is a safe one. Lastly, you can’t beat the price. These are available for a steal at around $28. Regardless of what you’re after, Body Jewelz has you covered. With an assortment of zircon, titanium, and silver based body jewellery, you’re sure to find a style that is suitable for you. Whether you’re into talons, earlobes, belly buttons, or even nostrils, you’re sure to find a piece of jewellery that’s perfect for you. If you’re looking to bling out your bod, check out Body Jewelz for the most impressive collection of body jewelry. You’ll find the aforementioned Zircon Gold Ball Closure Ring with Colored Titanium Ball and the best prices online.

Sylvie Monthule Jewels in Harmony Breast Jewels

Whether you’re looking for an erotic accessory to enhance your body’s natural beauty or you’re a fan of intimate jewelry, the Sylvie Monthule Jewels in Harmony Breast Jewels are perfect for you. Handmade in France and fabricated in an atelier in Paris, these pieces are made of high-quality materials and feature stunning detail.

The Sylvie Monthule Jewels in harmony Breast Jewels feature beautiful g-strings, nipple jewelry, penetrating jewelry, and breast chains. These pieces are also available in a variety of sizes, ranging from sizes S to XXL.

The Sylvie Monthule clitoral frame g-string features a hypoallergenic 18k gold plated oval frame and sparkling jewels. This erotic g-string is ideal for all day wear and offers wonderful exposure. It’s connected to a comfortable elastic waistband and comes with free gift wrapping.

The Sylvie Monthule G-String with Gold Clitoral Bijou is a beautiful erotic jewelry piece that can be worn on the clitoris and labia. It’s made from a hypoallergenic 18k gold pated frame and features a clitoral bijou. This piece is ideal for sexy parties or intimate evenings. It’s designed with a slender shape to accentuate your curves.

The Gold Jewels in Harmony Diamond Radiance Non-Piercing Nipple Rings are hand cast in heavy 18k Gold. These rings are 10 microns thick and can be easily attached to a soft rubber nipple Cord Clamp.

The Egytian style penis jewelry is crafted by a renowned Parisian artist and provides a great feel. It coordinates with the G-String Necklace for Her. This piece is available in Blue, Hematite, or Gold.

The Sylvie Monthule waistbands are also available in a variety of sizes. These are perfect for those looking for a erotic accessory that can be adapted to any cup size.

Give your nipples the attention they deserve with exquisite gold nipple jewelry from Body Jewelz. Our beautiful selection of nipple rings, barbells, and shields will have you feeling confident and sexy in no time. Whether you’re looking for a little something to spice up your sex life or want to show off your new piercings, we’ve got exactly what you need. So what are you waiting for? Shop now and get free shipping on orders over $75!