Healing Time of 14k Gold Nipple Rings

9 October 2022

Changing nipple jewelry after piercing

After a successful nipple piercing, many people decide to change the jewelry they’ve been wearing. However, changing the jewelry too soon may cause discomfort. To avoid this, change the jewelry after a few weeks or months. This will give your skin time to adjust to the new jewelry, and will also allow it to heal.

The first step is to take proper care of the jewelry. Do not leave it in dry conditions as this may cause damage to the piercing. Make sure that you have clean hands to slip the jewelry on and off. It is also a good idea to use water-based sex lube to make the jewelry easier to remove. However, do not use petroleum-based products.

If you decide to change your jewelry immediately after the piercing, make sure that you wait for the recommended amount of time to heal. Changing the jewelry too soon can delay the healing process and cause discomfort. It can also lead to extreme overswelling, which can further complicate the healing process. If you’re not sure about how the piercing is healing, go back to the piercer and ask him to change the jewelry for you.

Another thing to keep in mind when changing your nipple rings is to ensure that they are easy to remove. Posts are typically easier to remove than rings. Some piercing jewelry, such as a 14k gold nipple ring, has a click ring, which makes changing them easy.

If you’ve pierced your nipples recently, you should choose a ring with a diameter smaller than the nipple. This will give the nipple more room to relax and develop. The only exception to this rule is if the nipple is large enough to accommodate two different sizes of jewelry.

Clean your piercing area regularly. A daily wash will help prevent harmful bacteria from entering the piercing. Avoid using peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or other ointments. These can all delay healing. It’s also important to avoid oral sex or tanning for the first few days.

Inflammation is another common problem following a piercing. This is normal, but it should subside after a couple of days. However, if you notice the inflammation persists for a longer period, then it could be a sign of rejection. This can also happen if the jewellery migrates.

Healing time

The healing time of 14k gold nipples rings can vary. Some may close quickly, while others may take several months. During this time, it is best not to touch the piercing or try to apply pressure to it. The healing process is also influenced by whether you have had a previous piercing. In the first few months, you should avoid touching the area and not bathe or shower with it.

If you’ve had a nipple piercing before, you should know that it can take anywhere from six to nine months to heal. If you’ve had any previous problems with the piercing, the healing time could be longer.

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, you may want to avoid getting an infection during the healing process. This is why it’s essential to use high-quality jewelry. You should avoid using plain barbells, which can harbor bacteria, and stick with surgical stainless steel or titanium barbells. Also, choose a barbell that has enough room to allow for swelling in the nipple.


If you are interested in the piercing of your Nipples, you should think about buying a 14k gold nipple ring. These are made from pure gold and are nickel-free. You can buy a horseshoe-shaped nipple ring, a daith ring, and even a septum ring. All of these rings are made from 14k gold.

Nipple rings are popular with both men and women. They can come in a variety of colors and designs. Some are subtle, while others are sexy. Rose gold nipple rings are in style this year. Gold nipple rings have a traditional fit and are a great choice for everyday wear or healed piercings.