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Body Jewelz' Best Deals on 14K Real Gold Body Piercing Jewelry

We offer a wide variety of 14K real gold body jewelry and piercing tools,  from earrings to barbells to nipple rings. If you’re looking to find a great deal on 14K gold nipple rings wholesale, you’ve come to the right place. These jewelries are made from solid gold and are nickel-free. These pieces are available in a variety of designs and color, perfect for your needs and budget, and you can even get them in bulk, which saves you money.

Nipple rings are very popular with women and men. Many have dangling designs. But for those who have never pierced their nipples, a nipple bar is safer. A variety of angles can create a different look. These rings can be found in various designs and price ranges, making them a great choice for first-timers.

You’ll find all kinds of jewelry to suit your needs. Gold nipple barbells are a great choice for a nipple piercing – from simple barbells to elaborate necklaces and earring sets adorned with gemstones and diamonds.

14K Real Gold Body Piercing Jewelry

14K gold is the best option for piercing jewelry. It won’t tarnish or lose its shine – you can wear it for decades. While it’s true that 14k gold will cost more, you can expect it to last for decades, although you will need to clean your jewelry occasionally. Cheaper metals will not last as long, and will begin to tarnish and lose their shine.

For those who want to invest in jewelry, 14K gold earrings are the perfect option. These earrings are durable and more pure than other precious metals. They contain 58.3% gold, which makes them perfect for those who are into buying small pieces of 14K gold jewelry. They can also be easily found in a range of colors and are available at an affordable price. And with the wholesale option, you will save money.

One of the most versatile types of wholesale body jewelry is the Industrial Barbell, which is a straight, single-barbell piercing. You can get these on any part of the body, from the ears and eyebrows to the most intimate areas. A serious piercing studio needs a serious selection of barbells piercing. These can be used to pierce your eyebrows, tongue and ears, and they are also available in 14k gold.

Whether you are looking to purchase your first piece of jewelry, or you are a body jewelry retailer looking for a new style, there is a wide variety of 14k gold nose rings available in a variety of styles and price points. These stylish adornments have been around for centuries and have become one of the most popular pieces of body jewelry. Whether you are looking for a simple nose ring or something more elaborate, Body Jewelz is sure to have the perfect piece for you.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your figure without spending a lot of money, you can purchase wholesale/retail stainless steel belly rings from our website. They come in a variety of different colors and have intricate details. There are a few different styles to choose from, including the 4 mm Heart belly ring, which can be customized to match your dress. Alternatively, you can purchase a 14 carat gold navel ring, such as the Duel Heart Shaped Curved Bar Belly Ring Jewelry, which is priced on the higher side.

Belly button rings are available in a variety of sizes, including 8mm, 12mm, and 14mm. Choose the right size for you by considering your body shape and size. A curved barbell belly ring is the most common style, though you can find many other styles as well. Make sure the belly ring will not cause any irritation or infection. After purchasing your wholesale belly button rings, make sure you keep them in a healing place so they don’t fall off.

There are many different types of eyebrow piercing jewelry. For the initial piercing, it is best to use a 16 gauge curved barbell made from high-grade titanium, 14k gold, or 18k gold. Smaller gauges are not recommended as they increase the chances of skin rejection and skin damage. You may also want to avoid any jewelry that is too small for your piercing.

Choosing a size for your piercing depends on the thickness of your eyebrow. In general, the eyebrow barbell should be about 1/8″ wider than the piercing itself. When piercing your eyebrows, your piercer will place the jewelry at an angle from the corner of your eye. This will help the piercing sit better on your face. The downside of piercing your eyebrows is that they have a higher risk of rejection and migration.

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