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14K Horseshoe

A 14k Gold Septum Horseshoe is a distinct type of jewelry that is frequently worn for septum piercings. Its name is derived from its unique shape, which resembles a horseshoe when viewed from the side. This jewelry comprises a curved barbell with two ends that can take the form of balls or feature decorative elements.

Our collection is perfect to expand your business and meet the demands of your customers by adding our 14k gold body jewelry to your inventory. Shop now and offer your clientele an exquisite selection of septum jewelry that combines elegance, durability, and the timeless allure of gold.

14-HS06YC – 14k Solid Gold Horseshoe with CZ in Prong Setting Internally Threaded
SKU: 14-HS06


14-HS01 – 5 -14k Solid Gold 5mm Plain Ball Horseshoe External Threaded Screw
SKU: 14-HS01-5


14-HS05YC – 14k Solid Gold Horseshoe Plain with Zircon Design External Threaded Screw
SKU: 14-HS05


14-HS01 – 14k Solid Gold Horseshoe Plain Design External Threaded Screw
SKU: 14-HS01