14K Labret

14k gold labret stud is a type of jewelry created specifically for adorning lip or facial piercings. It typically consists of a straight bar with a flat disc or decorative end on one side, and a removable ball or gemstone on the other side. The flat disc rests against the inside of the lip, while the ball or gemstone is visible on the outside, creating a stylish and subtle look.

Our wholesale collection features a wide range of studs, each meticulously designed and crafted to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. These labret studs offer a luxurious option for your customers seeking a sophisticated and timeless look for their lip or facial piercings.

Explore our wholesale collection, and elevate your inventory with these stylish and sophisticated pieces. Offer your customers the perfect combination of style and elegance for their lip or facial piercings.

14-LB74 – 14k Yellow Gold Star Lantern Labret


14-LB73 – 14k Yellow Gold Three Zircon in Triangle Labret


14-LB72 – 14k Yellow Gold Dragonfly with Zircon Labret


14-LB71 – 14k Yellow Gold Hollow Butterfly with Zircon Labret


14-LB70 – 14k Gold Diamond Shape Zircon Studded Labret


14-LB69 – 14k Yellow Gold Plain Hollow Diamond Shape Design Labret


14-LB68 – 14k Gold Plain Solid Star Labret


14-LB53 – 14k Gold Plain Solid Heart Labret


14-LB52 – 14k Gold Hollow Flower Labret with Round Zircon Center


14-LB51 – 14k Gold Cross Labret Studded with CZ Labret


14-LB67 – 14k Yellow Gold Sword Labret with Multi Zircon


14-LB66 – 14k Yellow Gold Cross Labret with Multi Zircon


14-LB65 – 14k Yellow Gold Labret with Colored Baguette Zircon Center


14-LB64 – 14k Yellow Gold Starburst Labret with Clear Round Center Zircon Center


14-LB63 – 14k Yellow Gold Three Clear Marquise Leaf Labret