14k Barbell

14k industrial barbell refers to a type of body jewelry commonly used for piercings. The “14k” indicates that the barbell is made from 14-karat gold, which is a popular choice due to its durability, and hypoallergenic properties.

The barbell consists of a straight or curved bar with a ball or decorative end on each side, allowing it to be inserted through various piercings. This type of body jewelry offers a stylish and luxurious option for individuals looking to adorn their piercings with high-quality gold jewelry.

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14-BB0714 – 14k Solid Gold 14g Barbell with Double Gem 5mm Ball with CZ Externally Threaded


14-BB01Y16 – 14k Solid Gold 16g Barbell with Plain 5mm Ball Externally Threaded


14H-BB02Y14 – 14k Hollow Gold Double Gem Ball Externally Threaded Barbell


14H-BB01Y14 – 14k Hollow Gold Plain Ball Externally Threaded Barbell


14-BB06Y14 – 14k Solid Gold Plain Spike 14g Industrial Barbell Externally Threaded


14-BB07 – 14k Solid Gold Industrial Barbell with Double Gem Ball CZ Externally Threaded


14-BB37 – 14k Solid Gold Industrial Straight Barbell with Round Clear CZ Externally Threaded


14-BB06Y16 – 14k Solid Gold Plain Spike 16g Industrial Barbell Externally Threaded


14-BB02Y – 14k Yellow Gold Double Gem Barbell External Threaded


14-BB02W – 14k Solid White Gold Double Gem Barbell External Threaded


14-BB01W – 14k Solid White Gold Barbell Plain Screw External Threaded


14-BB01Y14 – 14k Solid Gold 14g Barbell with Plain 5mm Ball Externally Threaded