14K Nose Rings

Our 14K gold nose rings collection is crafted from the highest quality materials, as each piece is designed to be both elegant and durable.

As it is known, nose rings are an expression of individuality and personal style. Therefore, we offer a wide range of styles to choose from. Our 14k gold body jewelry pieces are a must have for every jewelry store’s collection as they cater to a wide variety of customer tastes with products including 14k Gold Septum Horseshoe, 14k Gold Curved Barbell, 14K gold hoop nose ring and much more.

At our core, we are committed to delivering the finest shopping experience to our valued customers. That’s why we prioritize fast and dependable shipping, unparalleled customer service, and competitive pricing. We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and make your shopping journey with us truly exceptional.

14-NR55C – 14k Solid Gold Corkscrew Cross Design Clear Zircon


14-NR55L – 14k Solid Gold Cross with Multi Zircon L-Shape


14-NR55B – 14k Solid Gold Cross with Multi Zircon Nose Bone


14-NR20LYC- 14k Yellow Gold Prong Setting Three Stone Triangle L Shape Nose Stud with Cubic Zirconia


14-NR53C – 14k Solid Gold Corkscrew Diamond Design Clear Zircon


14-NR53B – 14k Solid Gold Nose Bone Diamond Design Clear Zircon


14-NR53L – 14k Solid Gold L-Shape Diamond Design Clear Zircon


14-NR51B – 14k Solid Gold Nose Bone Cross Design


14-NR50B – 14k Solid Gold Nose Bone Diamond Design


14-NR49B – 14k Solid Gold Nose Bone Heart Design


14-NR54C – 14k Solid Gold Corkscrew Dragonfly Design Clear Zircon


14-NR54B – 14k Solid Gold Nose Bone Dragonfly Design Clear Zircon


14-NR54L – 14k Solid Gold L-Shape Dragonfly Design Clear Zircon


14-NR48B – 14k Solid Gold Nose Bone Plain Star Design


14-NR22C – 14k Solid Gold Corkscrew Heart Nuggets Design